Music is Medicine.

"What a lovely and lively lady (and talented dulcimer player) Sarah Elizabeth is! I'm sure she is going to accomplish much in her lifetime."  –Jean Ritchie, renowned Appalachian musician, songwriter, folklorist

"Sarah Elizabeth Burkey gives voice to those parts of Kentucky that are outside county lines and inside the hearts of the people of the region. Her performances have always been one of the highlights of the River Country Music Festival in western Kentucky. Inspiring, soulful, insightful, and supportive of this unique and loving part of the country, Sarah Elizabeth’s voice always brings warmth to the stage."  –Michael Copeland

"America's precious roots music, in all its variety, has inspired people around the world. Now we have a young ambassador for the timeless treasures of the rural southern styles from Kentucky. Rather than being an anthropologist with a magnifying glass, tape recorder and a bottle of formaldehyde to incarcerate the music, Sarah Elizabeth is a mesmerizing young performer with a gorgeous voice who comes from the places she sings about. Sarah's mountain voice is like a Druid spirit summoning up the hants. Sarah Elizabeth is a natural, and just what the music world needs, a fresh pure unjaded voice in the Wilderness." 
–David Amram, world music composer, New York

"Sarah Elizabeth Burkey is truly a great person making great art. Sarah gives my kids music that is good for them to listen to and they love it. They are learning more and more about their family history through Sarah's music and I thank her for that. She is an inspiration to me and my family."  -Season Leigh Day

       Sarah Elizabeth Burkey  photo by Velvet Woosley